See common issues below. 

1. Our system is a Learning Management System (LMS). LMS’s are designed to drip content to the users. This means if our system will unlock access to our content as time goes on. If you have done more than 3 modules in one particular section this week your modules will unlock within a couple days. Please check back on Monday for access to new content. 

2. Another issue may be that you have not “completed” the previous module. The LMS will only you allow you to advance to the next module when you have a “check mark” on the previous module. Please ensure you have completed the previous module to advance to the next.

Quick Solution:

Are you a paid member and can’t access the iX Academy? 

Use our new “iX Status” tool!

We have created a system for you to “Self Check” your Oder Status and gain access to the iX Academy without having to contact support. 

  1. Open the iX App 
  2. Click on Menu (Top Left)
  3. Click on “iX Status” 
  4. Enter required information 

     - Email ID (must have the same EMAIL registered on ALL systems)